Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thought Dump

The following is a post that will be a thought if you have better things to do, then please go do them;) I do not know if there will even be a common theme. And I am OK with that fact. So let's dive right in.

The beginning of 2012 has been FULL of loss. I mean, right now I am praying for about 6 friends who have lost a family member since the year began. It's quite a lot, and a humbling reminder of the fact that death is the flip side of the life coin, the other side being birth.

Speaking of birth:) Bring on the babies 2012. My heart is so happy for the expanding families that I know. The planner in me looks forward to helping host a baby shower or two this year.

Then there is school, and Athens life in general. The days are filled and the time is flying and I am mostly content. Sometimes, I get to thinking "what if?", and "what next?". But it is not time for the answers to those questions, so I am constantly doing this imagery thing where I picture myself picking up my questions and fears, and nervous thoughts, and then holding them for a bit and then laying them back down. My faith helps me lay them before God and continue on with my day. I have used this imagery and deep breathing outside in cleansing nature, a few times already this year, and it works for me.

It's February (the month I always misspell) and of course love is in the air, or at least on the shelves of every store. I do not have a problem with Valentines day, but I do have a problem with the engagement ring commercials that call your engagement "the most romantic time of your life". WHAT?!? Now, I am not married, dating, or engaged but I sure hope that if it ever happens for me, that the romantic times will not take a hike somewhere between the "Yes, I will marry you" and the "Now we are back from a fabulous honeymoon." A Godly marriage is a gift, and I think it should be the gift that keeps on giving. Not a one or two time gift explosion.

Lastly, I have some really great friends. They add sparkle, zest, and energy to my life. There are too many to ever name, but let me give a shout-out to a few (the ones I talk to each week or day, depending). Melanie is my sister and friend and gets me on the very deepest of levels. Cherika and Julie always get me laughing on the phone (who knew that could come to mean so much to a person) and not seeing them as often is one of the hardest parts of being here. The good part is that I am making more and more friends up here in Georgia. All won't last forever, but I have carefully invested time with people who I need in my life. It's a good thing for sure.

Thought Dump complete.

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