Monday, February 27, 2012


I keep laughing to myself as my things start falling apart, or not working. Technically, it is not so bad, as much of this stuff is over 5 years old. I have mattresses, a DVD player, and more that I bought when I got my first job in Tallahassee. They are all still plugging along....but I think they are crying out to be replaced.

They are gonna have to wait until later this year after I get a job and a more permanent place to live and thrive.

I did cave in and buy a new hand held blender. No good cook can go too long without one of those. My new one has a clip on container that holds the beaters....fancy;)

I also had to purchase a new crock-pot which I have put to GOOD use! I broke the old one, with my aggressive knob joke.

Here are a few more things on the list that I want to have in my future living space.
I have always found it SO daunting to clean a I think the compact Magic Bullet would be perfect for my smaller cooking and blending needs.

I am also gonna have to find a kitchen table and chairs. Melanie has our old ones. That will definitely be a fun purchase.  Of course I know it's the food and folks who eat at the table that matter. But I think we should give the table and chairs themselves a little credit.

With barely concealed envy I have seen my sister and other friends use their Wii to stream from Netflix. I have got to get that little set-up in my new place. Also, the Wii -Fit especially the Zumba game are must-haves!

Sigh, this list is getting longer and my mind is getting more and more carried away. But reality calls. Cough syrup, class, and ridiculously long online applications are calling my name none too gently. 2 weeks to Spring Break! Can you see my gigantic grin?

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