Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Beast: I want to do something for her... but what? 
Cogsworth: Well, there's the usual things: flowers... chocolates... promises you don't intend to keep...

In September I took myself to see The Lion King in 3D and wrote about it here.
Then yesterday I took myself to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. I think I see a pattern emerging;)

I guess I will go ahead and admit one thing so that you all can laugh. I didn't realize the story took place in France! Oh, how crazy is that! I was sitting there last night and the lightbulb finally went off, and I was chuckling to myself. How did I miss that? Oh well.

The movie was just as wonderful as I remember. The quote above was just one of the funny moments that got me laughing. Also,the little girl in me sighed and was blatantly envious when the Beast gave Belle a library for her gift!! Oh goodness, that is a gift this girl would appreciate for ever and ever. Lastly, on a random note I decided that my mama is Mrs. Potts, Melanie is Lumiere and I am Cogsworth. Hahahaha, and if you know us then the characters fit pretty well!

Just like in The Lion King, a few things stood out to me during the movie. The first being the importance of watching your temper. I am not known for fits of rage, but I can get moody and sulky with the best of 'em. Anyway, being able to control your temper is a skill that has to be cultivated I think.

I also really enjoyed the reminders about the fact that true love sacrifices. I remember years ago I was talking to an atheist friend on the streets of Prague and he was asking me about the love of God. And I said that if I look to God and Jesus as my examples then real love means sacrifice. Of all the different aspects of love, this is the one I felt was important for my friend to know about. We talked for a few minutes more, and I have not seen that person in about 5 years....but the point still stands. You know how much you love someone when you know how much you would give for them.

I enjoyed my movie date. Have a  great day!  We are supposed to be getting Arctic like temps up my way. Brrrr.


JulViel said...

Glad you enjoyed your movie date! I watched it a couple weeks ago and was taken back to my childhood memories as well. However I think I was a little more observant as a child, haha, I knew it was France. Isn't that a line in Be Our Guest? "After all, this is France!" Haha, thanks for being honest. Glad you figured it out now!

I love what you wrote about love being about sacrifice. It's true.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Isn't she saying french words in the first song? "little town...filled with quiet people etc.. Bonjour...goodday etc. I love this movie...probably my favorite disney movie (I got it for my 27th)...and I love France so...I didn't miss that...even though I can be oblivious. Glad you enjoyed it. ~Cherika

Sabrina said...

Ok, ok you both are right. There really is no reason I should have missed that the setting was France;) I have some oblivious moments for sure and Geography has never been my thing. Also, I meant to say that there is this small part, right after Gaston proposes and she goes outside in this huge field and sings about wanting adventure in the great, wide somewhere. I was about to jump out my seat in the movie because I agree...and I want that adventure to be in Greece! and soon!

annie said...

:) Beauty & the Beast was always my favorite Disney movie; I wanted so badly to be Belle (she's the best Disney "princess" in my humble opinion)! Maybe I'll see if Jordan wants to take a trip down memory lane and go see it while it's still in theatres!