Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Single Girl's Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving: 1

Thanksgiving gobbles are drifting through the November air. And yours truly is gearing up to host Thanksgiving.

As the title suggests, there are some differences between hosting a holiday as a single lady. And I figure I would blog about them as the festive and thankful day approaches. So today is T-minus 12 days until my apartment will be filled with those I love and delicious Thanksgiving food.

One thing I realized was that I did not want to be stressed about hosting this holiday. I get enough of that at work. I want this Thanksgiving to be delightful and natural and family-oriented. No manic attention to small details (do the stripes in the napkins match my carpet?). No last minute runs to the grocery store (How on Earth do I not have salad dressing?). No worry that there will not be enough food for everyone to take hefty amounts as leftovers (Oh no! My cousin only got 2 slices of pound cake to take home!)


1. I started cleaning and tidying today. No need to put off the inevitable. I know this is a special occasion because I cleaned behind the microwave. Bonus points? With the big clean done, I will just have to do a quick brush up the actual week of Thanksgiving.

2. The menu is all set and everyone knows what items they will be bringing. *Hint- Don't forget to plan a light meal for that Wednesday evening. The family will be there and they will be hungry. But it can't be too heavy or you will ruin the eating adventures of the next day. (I am making chicken corn chowder)*

3. I have already planned and mapped out my spacing. I'm a single girl who lives in an apartment, so I don't have acres of space to fit everyone. But I definitely have enough room. If I plan it carefully. 7 guests. 2 tables. An "interesting" assortment of chairs, and kaboom. Thanksgiving seating 101 complete.

Stay tuned for more updates. I still have decor on a budget, timing of the actual gathering, and last minute kinks to work out and then share.

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