Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12th

On Mondays I get the privilege to pray with some dear friends. Our "prayer group" is an anchor and just so very good for my spirit.

Today I am thankful for our group, and how God is helping us grow up, despite obstacles and changes.
I am also grateful for prayer requests. I believe in the power of prayer! And sharing with others helps us know what we can pray for. I often pray in both specifics and generalities.

In case you were wondering. Or have some extra quiet prayer moments. Here are my prayer requests for the week.

June James- Hospice has been called in
Nathaniel Stewart- (my uncle) making better health choices for his heart
Gaines Elementary School- strength and support for the staff, love and stability for the families, and any additions of support staff to help carry the load
Safety in Thanksgiving travels and those who will be missing loved ones this year

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