Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Single Girl's Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving: 2

Howdy folks! If you missed it, here I wrote a bit about hosting Thanksgiving day as a single lady.
Tonight I am back with a few more insights before the big day is upon us.

I am happy to report that so far I have escaped the stress of the season. By starting early, and taking time to plan, I look forward to enjoying the moments of Thanksgiving with my family that I have missed so very much.

More Tips:
1- Remember all of the "other" food that you will need. I mean Thanksgiving is more than just the actual meal. I have a snacky family, so I need munchies readily available, and these are the things that I don't usually buy and keep around (I am trying to lose weight). So, grab some chips/dip, cookies, popcorn and drinks for those late night cravings.

2- Accept help! When it comes down to it, by offering my place and preparing many other "things" I am actually not making much for the actual Thanksgiving day meal. And that is OK! Single ladies, for once cut yourself some slack. You do it all each and everyday and you do it well. You don't have to add another mountain to your life. Invite others, and then delegate. They will be so happy to not be hosting, that they will do and bring whatever you say.

3- Pep talk time. In the midst of having family around, there are always those sensitive issues that come up in conversation. Dating (sigh, I wish I could plug my ears) being the main one. Go ahead ladies and give yourself a little pep talk before the well meaning family arrives. If you are like me, then your life is going good. There are a multitude of things to be thankful for. And not having a boyfriend is a minor hiccup on the road map of your life. So, just look at your beautiful self in the mirror and remember, your family loves you. And they are just curious. Lovable and curious. If they boldly ask dating questions, answer and then keep the conversation moving right along.

4- Set the mood. It really is the tiny things that make your guests feel welcome and wanted. Even though the family conversation will be boisterous (at least in my family) have some type of mellow background music. Also, have those little touches that make a house or apartment a home. Pictures displayed, magazines to read, candles lit, turkey crafts complete, you get the drift ladies!

Happy hosting!!

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