Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 16, 17, & 18

I wanted to take a moment from a blessed trip "home" to catch up on my thanks.
Riding along quaint country roads is a time when communion with God and thanks abound.

November 16- God granted us a peaceful day at work! I was so VERY grateful for that. In the simplicity of my words please read between the lines. God worked mightily and I was delighted. Hint of possibilities to come? If it be God's will!

November 17- It might sound silly, but today I am thankful for errands in my old stomping grounds. The scenery, the friends, the simple fun of random mall visits, overdosing on pizza, and getting spoiled by sweet Southern hospitality. I am thankful for each and every thing.

November 18- In the lesson today at church the main idea was this. "You are not first." And I also took away that to truly follow God in my daily life, I need to lighten my load. Sometimes, looking back to the past, wanting to be comfortable and "happy", and wanting "my plan" for the future are heavy mental burdens. But I am thankful for Godly truths and reminders about how I can keep growing in my Christian walk. 

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