Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 22, 23, & 24

With the guests and events surrounding Thanksgiving, its been more difficult to get on each day and write my thanks. Here are the last three days of things that I am thankful for! 

November 22- As I looked around my kitchen I saw many things to be thankful for. My sister and her boyfriend cooking rolls. My college age cousin stirring mashed potatoes. My mom posing with a pound-cake as my aunt tried to snap her picture. Well, it was obvious that my family, both near and far, are my blessing. God has provided me with a loving family who know me so well (which I love and find comforting). We are normal; ups and downs, laughter and anger. But my large and ever expanding family, I am thankful for them.

November 23- After a wonderful holiday I was thankful today for rest. Naps, a slow schedule, changing weather. It all added up to a wonderfully restful day. It was fantastic!

November 24- Today I am thankful for my unique self. I can be quite a mess at times. But I am thankful that I am maturing, changing, and getting to know more about what makes me "tick". I am thankful for 27, though it is not the dream that young Sabrina had envisioned, and that is OK. I am thankful that I am forgiven by a good God, and trying, and even among my mistakes I am thankful for my perseverance.

November is wrapping up. 6 more thankful days left. 

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