Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27

Yesterday, as afternoon faded into evening I munched on a homemade pecan tart (Yum and Thanks Amanda!)
As the night settled in, I sat with three of my spiritual confidants.
We had missed one week of gathering together, and with Thanksgiving now over....we had much to share.

Praise God for these women in my life! I have been thankful for them before, and written about them here.
But this week as I sat there, I was able to bask in the fact that we need each other to help share the various and unpredictable loads of life. We need each other's thoughts and Godly wisdom. We need the smiles, and gasps and hopes for the future and prayers for the present.

I cannot write deeply enough about our times together. I can't describe the work that God is doing in our 4 individual lives. But I know that it is good. I know that it gets me outside of myself and into the lives of my friends. I truly care for them, as I care for myself. And that is only possible because I have allowed myself to get to know them on a whole new level. I am beyond thankful for my girls! May God continue to help us "grow up" and figure "it" out.

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