Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8th

I have acquaintances, buddies, friends, FRIENDS, and friends-sisters. What a blessing:)
I appreciate each group and all of the ways that I need them and they need me.

Today however I am thankful for two in particular. Julie and Cherika and I share a lot of friendship history. The time just seems to be flying! But, this year we are all struggling in some ways with our jobs. And you would think that there would be nothing to be thankful for about that. But there is, because we get each other's problems. And we can vent as needed. And we can discuss daydreams and the realities that keep us planted for right now.

I am not sure why all three of us are having hard times at the same time. But it's good to be able to share. Because feeling lonely and frustrated is the worst:( I'm thankful for these blessed friends, hopeful for our futures and wishes and desires, and ecstatic that I will get to see them in our old stomping grounds very soon!

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